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ProCam X HD Camera Pro 1.16 Free Mod Apk Download

ProCam X HD Camera Pro 1.16 Free Download

ProCam X HD Camera Pro 1.16 Free Mod Apk Download
ProCam X HD Camera Pro 1.16 Free Mod Apk Download

ProCam X HD Camera Pro 1.16 description :

Free ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro ) is an easy-to-use and high-quality application for anyone looking for a more convenient and professional camera for their mobile device. Here the user has direct access to exposure, focus, white balance, ISO and other settings that affect the final result. The program also works with video, including 4K. There are many more. As protection is for example the display of various data in a file for more comfort, photo settings, photo filters, comfortable, programmable control and so on.

Free ProCam X excellent features of the fast camera easily deliver fast camera output capable of taking several images at burst mode intervals, very useful for making stop motion or time video timelapse Create photos with various effects and other professional HD video camera functions such as manual exposure lock, manual ISO, white balance, HD Pro camera grid view, golden ratio grid
ProCam X HD Camera Pro 1.16 Paid Download Features:

* Check exposure (lock / adjust value)
* Controls white balance
* ISO manual
* Manual focus
* Manual shutter speed
* Intervalometer
* Burst shooting mode
* Set the custom video transmission speed
* Real-time filter / color effect
* Geotagging
* Anti Shake

4K camera recording

ProCam X HD Camera Pro They also tend to organize support functions for photos and shutter speed, fast-moving objects in video recording. The application you can customize is not enough to set its requirements automatically or in order to meet their needs. This function, when combined with playing the attention of the vehicles on the street, or with a continuous picture modes makes it easy to keep a child in the park with my camera fast-moving objects. Now it is more professional than before taking the picture. In addition, the application allows you to adjust the brightness. With this function, you can also choose automatic or manual mode to adjust the brightness of images or other equipment. When set together with the brightness, applications such as electric light, so the light balance to the wire, clouds, because of the environment that may have an image, which optimizes sunlight ...

HDR, Manual Focus

ProCam X HD You will find yourself while you balance those risks is set by adjusting the color temperature mode images. High color temperature and red bold, colorful image. To set the color temperature of the color image to reduce is a cool color will be blue. Another outstanding feature of the app is HDR photography that helps your camera capture captures very clear images, including a scene in which a bright spot exists.

Real-time photo filters

ProCam X HD Camera Pro Easy to apply and use many interfaces and it is easy to see. If the application is on the top of the interface is a fast, customizable toolbar, which allows you to adjust the camera without annoying the early stages. You can adjust the image resolution with a simple touch of your phone's built-in memory card, so you can stop adjusting the sound video, etc., so you can customize the application. There use to save photos and video phone service.

ProCam X HD Camera Pro In short, Procam X amateur and professional photographers, taking pictures with the phone is a great app for the specialist. Request your legacy will be a good modern camera via the camera algorithms. If you happen to be passionate about photography and want to start a business, this app is a good option.

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