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Download Real Steel HD 1.46.13 APK and OBB (MOD APK)

Download Real Steel HD 1.46.13 APK and OBB (MOD APK)

Download Real Steel HD 1.46.13 APK and OBB (MOD APK)

Real Steel  -  The game was created based on the popular movie "real steel" in which the plot is based on Boxing matches between robots. The user will have to run a cool robot, competing to win in the world tournament it will be exciting. The last option includes the ability to perform combos and fatal methods, which gives a significant advantage in the ring.Win charged game currency, for which you can improve your men-tee, pumping protection, dexterity and energy.

The gameplay is a little slimier of the classic fighting games. In this game player will gets to use a robots, but he is very weak and unreliable. You will get chance take part in battles with opponents who are on the same level in the game, so the chances of winning were high in the game.  they build this game in developing a game Studio Reliance Big Entertainmen, which specialization on the games based on popular movie.

Real Steel Mod Apk includes several modes. The tornament is a kind of career.  The arcade mode includes several levels where you must come face to face with the best robots. In the last step should be to strike the boss for the victory which is credited a large number of bonuses. Also there is a mode command team, free sparring, survival and multiplayer.You need to pump your fighter to participate in the world Championships, which ultimately can bring the title of the best boxer in the world.

Management simple and convenient. On the left side is a joystick to move the character on the right - button for damage. To perform a crushing blow, you need to apply a few basic, and then on the top button activates the special logo.

Real Steel MOD APK is a action arcade game with quality graphics and entertaining gameplay. The app will appeal both to fans of the genre, and users who just like to while away an hour or two from the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

REVIEWS Taken from playstore:

unique wolf: It's good but I wish the graphics where like reel steel world robot boxing if you could fix the design for the robots I would love that but you don't have to im just suggesting

Dave Dingess: This game is amazing it's just like the movie it has pretty much all of the robots and u have to buy it

Dontaayy-Playys: I like the rip finishers but the only thing i hate is that i always have to wait soooo long for the game to go on becuse of the syncing severs all the time

conclusion Real Steel Mod Apk :

Based on the Dreamworks film, with Hugh Jackman, Real Steel's fierce action takes place in a secret world where boxing has moved to high tech in the not-too-distant future.Real Steel offers rich gameplay and high game value, including the new Tournament and Survival modes. Players lead their robots to greatness, fighting steel opponents weighing more than 2,000 pounds and reaching a height of 8 feet. 
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