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Download VivaVideo Pro Video Editor App Apk Latest

VivaVideo Pro Video Editor App Apk Latest

Hey guys What’s up, today I’m going to share VivaVideo Pro Video Editor App Apk. This video editor app helps a lot on WhatsApp status making, album making, etc I will recommend to use if your YouTuber or social media star!!

vivavideo pro apk

vivavideo pro apk is one of the best video cameras, video and photo editor for android. With this app, you can record your favorite moments and make beautiful movies just by the mobile phone become so easy from now on! You can download the free and safe apk on the download button!

VivaVideo Pro Apk Features

viva video pro version comes with no advertisement features. That means you can enjoy this app more.Not just this app also comes with no watermark.Limit video length removed.Hd quality export.Tons of exclusive effects and other materials available.There are millions of other feature available.Download viva video pro apk 

Reviews by Users : 

These reviews are collected from the Google Play App Store.

Amy Chika:  I just got charged… I hear people paying $2.99, so can someone explain this? So far i do think it’s the Best video editor for the phones. But for some reason when I upload videos om YouTube and try to watch it, I have to manually change resolutions from 240 or so to 740… it needs better quality.

Sudo Skate: Excellent video editor but needs 1080P and 4K support as well as exporting//////(edited this and gave you the extra star simply for the excellent support you have continued to update this app for over 3 years and I’m extremely impressed. keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged see you at Android 10)!!!Shiro 

Cashelle: Maybe a year ago, this app was working fine for me and I’ve had it for a long time now. However now it seems like the effects, transitions and other things don’t show up anymore, nor do they load. I’ve been unable to edit videos on the app now but was hoping the update would fix it, but it didn’t. 

๐Ÿ™Amanda Garcia: it’s an awesome app! definitely, worth the price, I’ve used it so much. sometimes it has some issues with crashing or when I try to send it to my computer, the file is weird sometimes and I have to convert it and figure out how to make it usable. but it’s great to use on your phone and post directly from your phone, it has a bunch of awesome features like recording your own audio directly onto your videos, very easy to add narrative to videos, so many cool editing tools

El Will: Please change it so we can add multiple songs to a clip or full movie. In addition, please allow us to change the text of “ALL” themes especially if we’re paying for the pro app. Next, please remove the viva video logos from “All” the themes or give us the option to display them or use our own. If we pay for the pro app we should get that option and not be forced to advertise your company.

Arcadio Arzola: I’ve always enjoyed using this app but this last video I made will not export. It gets stuck at 89.5 and will say there are only 5 seconds left but I’ve waited almost two hours while watching a movie. Have tried to export several times. I spent hours making this video for my son, someone please tell me how to get it exported and 3 stars will change to 5. WELL, HAD TO CUT ALOT OF FOOTAGE OUT TO MAKE VIDEO SHORTER FROM 4 MINUTES TO 2 MINUTES AND WAS FINALLY ABLE TO EXPORT VIDEO. I’ll give 4 stars.

DE Nichols: This app was slowly losing stars but since it’s finally HD like my source video is they get their crown back years later. I paid for this app and I had a professional yet vicious 2 stars up for years because they lost more and more resolution. This was all I had for my YouTube channel for a long time. Especially when my laptop broke. I’m still angry about the past but I should forgive…and part of that is rating it 5 stars today

Amir Deutel: I tried several apps for creating slideshows, and this app is by far the best. There are some issues that are missing, for example, ability to search the local disk for specific background music file (it’s not easy to scroll thousands of files in search for the right one). Also cant import files directly from my Google account (Google photos). Still, this is a great app that easily let me create a stunning slideshow.

S Col: Easy to use, great effects ๐Ÿ™‚ However, the only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is that I just bought the pro version, and there r only a few fonts to choose from and they won’t even load – AND, I cannot load my own music! I use Spotify, so I guess I can’t do it? kinda lame as I’m doing a memorial video for my Dad and don’t want the music clips that come with the program!!Molto: make the speed setting actually work and I’ll change my review to more stars. i paid money for this app to specifically use the speed setting option and the video becomes extremely choppy. it doesn’t work at all. I don’t think it’s too much to ask you to provide your customers with content you’ve guaranteed works. either fix the horrible choppiness or refund my money. it would also be cool to choose where in the video you want to speed up or slow down. kind of a no brainer 

feature.Kimishima Dhani: I’ve seen that there are new fonts available, but every time I attempt to download it to use them…it doesn’t get downloaded. I’ve tried updating the app to see if it would work, but still no luck. I’d appreciate if that was fixedConroy Jones: Excellent app. Best I’ve used so far. Fabulous merging of videos. Appears to be limitless… to date I have merged 5 bodies into one 2 hour video) without any issues. Still exploring 

features.Fluffycatduivel: It has some ups and downs sometimes its works really well and sometimes it crashes every time I try to edit. Mixed feelings about this. Overall when the app works its fun.Helen Chua: It was a good editing software but after the last update, the usual font I used IMPACT has been removed and I can’t download other fonts. Forever circling! Please fix this bug.

Conclusion: I hope you enjoy this mod app. But if you still facing any kind of problem then comment below. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting. 
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